Fila Men's Performance Hoody - 4 Styles

Ahh, you are correct. The Old School has the top entry, as well. I’ll correct the copy. Woot hug to you.

This is troubling to me. I made a purchase this morning (stupidly) assuming that I could make further purchases today for the same cost.

I am a long time Woot customer and now feel like a sucker for paying $5 for shipping a hoody. Woot will actually make money off the shipping cost, because the actual cost is less than $5.

I realize the policy changed, but I feel deceived. This was a long standing perk of Woot that I did not expect to vanish without some explicit notification.

Very disappointing indeed. I can’t believe i’m stuck paying $5 for a single hoody purchase.

Woot loses on this. I have multiple more items in my cart right now and I’m not going to check out and pay another shipping cost. Mostly out of principle.

Savvy business maneuver.

[EDIT: Woot wins on this, because I made the purchase anyway. If they want to keep my business they’ll refund the second $5. If they don’t, I’ll never make another purchase. I turned so many people onto this site, the $5 all-day shipping is why people came. It is also what makes Woot Offs any fun. Awful, terrible business decision that fundamentally changes the attraction this site had.]

[MOD: You can try emailing Can’t promise anything but it’s worth a few sweet words. ]

My manager circa 1994: “What does FILA stand for?”

Me: “Finally I Left Adidas”

Agree! all the good colors are gone and if you run at night you know YELLOW is important.

It’s a poly fleece, so it inherently will not be as thick as a cotton fleece. But, poly fleece can keep you just as warm as cotton fleece without being as bulky, thus allowing for a more active lifestyle.

Why cant they provide measurements in the normal fashion??? Chest, waist, sleeve length?? Who has time to find a tape to re-measure to see if it will fit. Looks like a nice hoodie, but I’m 6’3"…

Awesome hoodies at an awesome price!!! Please put more stuff like this up!!!

How do I order different styles if I want more than one?

Why is Woot adding Sales Tax to Handling and Delivery Charges?

See this from CA State Board of Equalization:

Delivery charges.

You have the property delivered directly to your customer using a common carrier, the U.S. Mail, or an independent contractor

Tax does not apply to the delivery charges under these conditions if the charges are clearly stated as a separate entry on the invoice or other bill of sale. If the delivery charges are not stated separately, they are taxable.

They are not fitted, they are not baggy. Just a standard, just right fit. There are size specs under the Features section to give you an exact idea.

I can also tell you that I wear a Large normally and I don’t like things baggy or too fitted. I think the Large fits great in these.

How do I order different colors on one order? I don’t want to have to make 2 separate orders.

Actually, keep scrolling and you’ll see there are 22 of 34 options still left. Lots of good colors left.

Select the size, style & color
Click Add to Cart
Select the size, style & color
Click Add to Cart
Select the size, style & color
Click Add to Cart

Go to other sites/sales and load up more stuff in your cart.

To check out, click on the cart in the upper right corner.

You can read on description under each photo. Description is kind of small.

That’s a stupid near-useless sizing chart. Anyone translated it to normal sizing numbers?

In for two (one for me and one for my brother’s christmas present).

Owning athletic clothing will provide strong motivation to do athletic things, right?

I went to Fila’s site to get traditional sizing info before I purchased. This should help.

General Size Chart

Or you can go to their Full Zip Fleece Hoody and click on “SIZE GUIDE” to get more specific sizing based on a similar product.

Are there no XXL available???

I can’t speak for these sweatshirts, but I ordered the jackets that were for sale on Woot a couple of years ago and they were definitely small sized. We ended up giving them away to family members as gifts. The jackets were good quality, so otherwise I wouldn’t hesitate to order anything of the Fila brand.

There was a few hoodies left when i got mine. Best thing to do is leave the color and style blank select XXL then it will show you what colors/styles are left. There was only 3 colors and 1 style left like an hour ago.