Fila Men's Performance Polo, 9 Colors

I bought these last time around. Other than the electric blue I like them a lot. Have received some nice comments. Fit well, very comfortable. A bargain at $10.

This might sound like a strange question, but are the lower two button holds vertical (up-down) or horizontal (side to side)? The reason I ask is that I seem to have an odd problem with my polos; I only button the bottom button or two (not the top collar button) and if the button hole is horizontal, the button tends to pop easily. Especially after a little wear and tear. I’ve found 1 shirt that has all vertical holes and it’s great, but I need more shirts… since you own them, can you check and let me/us know? I’d be very appreciative.

Yep, first time I’ve seen this asked. however, the button holes are vertical (up-down).

I also bought these last year. They have held up well, neither fading or snagging like some of my other polos. The collar is a little floppy, but that is my only complaint. In for 2 more.

Can someone tell me if the size chart is accurate? I bought some of the long sleeve fleece a while back and they didn’t fit. I normally wear a large and based off the size chart would need to order large.