Fila Men's Performance Trackster Pants



Here is the Product Page


sport.woot pants - not for use as shirts.


Found a sizing chart that might be helpful:


What are the main activities of people who wear these pants? Are they regular sweatpants to wear on a weekend morning for lounging? Should I ride my bike in them? Will my teammates laugh at me if i wear them for warmup on the field? Are they tennis pants?


These are nice running sweats. They keep you warm in the winter, and are great for Spring & Fall. They keep you dry if you are running/racing in the rain and are very comfortable.
The pockets come in handy for races.
Also great for lounging around the house ^

Great price also!


Any hints on the inseams of these pants? Hemming zippered leg openings from a 36" to a 30" inseam is expensive.


anyone know how these fit? what i’m wondering is if they’re on the slim/skinny side or regular straight leg pants.


It sucks to be a guy with a 27" inseam. Never could wear exercise pants without looking like MC Hammer. Maybe I should learn to sew. If I lost a few inches I could fit into the smalls, but even they are too long.


I hear that! I am 6’ 2" and a 40" x 30" inseam.




I run a lot of races, and they NEVER give out pants when you register or finish. Only shirts, and stupid-looking necklaces. To correct this inequity I am forced to purchase pants like these all on my own. In for 3. Thanks Woot!


This one might be a bit better since it’s Fila specific -



Price is $45.50 here:

In for 2


Thank you for reading my mind.


On sizing, go to:,en_US,pd.html?start=3&cgid=mens-bottoms

The SIZE GUIDE is next to SELECT SIZE. A new window will appear which gives you instructions on how to measure your inseam.

Now scratch your head because they don’t give you the inseam of the pants.


I have the opposite problem… 32 inch waist and 34 inch inseam. Come on, Woot, what are the inseam lengths on these things?


Yep, I did that before reading your last line.


Only Navy left, if you want Medium.


Me, too. I’m 6’6 with a 36" inseam.

People who complain about inseams being too long should try finding clothes that fit at my height, or taller. At least hemming is an option for you!