Fila Men's Active Tees

Are these US sizes are European?

The last two FILA items I bought off of Woot were European sized which are about a size and a half smaller than US sizes.

And they were not marked as European sized.

I have a closet full of “Large” FILA hoodies that are actually smaller than US Mediums and don’t fit me.

Fair question. We do have the measurements listed and it seems like these are not European sizes. If you do choose to order and the shirt(s) you get are not matching up with the measurements we provided, we’d be happy to help get a refund/replacement.

I buy one or two of these whenever they come up. They’re not quite as breathable as underarmor or other higher quality shirts but they are great active gear for the price. I frequently wear them outdoors in Virginia for an hour of more of exercise, running or biking at a moderate to heavy pace. The colors look great too.

Heartily agree. I have to stop buying them…how many do I really need? But for $10 they are a great price. I wear them working out and just kicking around the house. I have never had a problem with the fit and I am 6’2 and 230 pounds.

FYI, these do run about a size LARGER than most. I wear a medium in Woot! shirts, but I wear these in small, and they actually fit me looser than a medium Woot! shirt does. I just ordered 5 of these last time they all fit like this. They are comfy and seem to be pretty durable.

Keep in mind that all manufacturers sizing is different when a Lrg from one vendor won’t actually fit the same as a Lrg from another. I bought three XL’s at the last sale event and all three fit exactly the way I want. I wear them to the gym for workouts but they look so good I wear them to work on casual Fridays. Going to buy three more!

What’s your height & weight, if you are saying you buy them in small and they fit looser than a medium? I’m trying to figure out what size to get.

I wear a Large to X-Large. I got the X-Large and after washing and drying it fits nicely, not tight not hanging on me. Btw, they wash and dry better then my Champion mostly cotton knock around shirts. These come out of the dryer looking brand new, freshly pressed without a single wrinkle. I am also 6’ 2" 225. I would have felt the Large wasn’t roomy enough.

I’m 6’1" and somewhere around 150. Most other medium shirts I wear fit me only slightly looser than Woot! mediums. For these particular Fila shirts, the smalls are even looser than that. I find the length is also pretty darn good.