Fila Men's Chevron Packable Jacket, 5 Colors

No one has commented on these? I thought men liked to puff out their chests, so these jackets would be perfect😃

Does anyone know what temperature this jacket is for? I can’t find anything about this jacket on the internet, other than Woot.

Any idea how the fit is on these? I am a tall & skinny dude so I look for shirts/jackets that are “slim fit”. Any idea if these are? And, any idea what temperatures they are good for?

These are great questions: temp and fit. Wish I knew. Might get one.

Waist width at 17" from high point - 25 1/4 for XXL?

You gotta be kidding me? I’m a triathlete and mine is 30".

Something ain’t right in that chart.

That’s a flat measurement, like if you laid it on the bed. So double it for circumference.

This is the width across the jacket at the waist not the circumference around the waist.

These run small. At lease one size small, maybe 2.

Not only do they run small they refuse to make it right and exchange for the right size RIPP OFF