FILA Men's Endurance Compression Short, 3 Colors

Is there any way for y’all to list the waist size in inches, the way that is customarily done in the USA?

When have you ever seen athletic shorts list the waist size? They are always S/M/L/XL.

But for comparison, I have a 36 inch waist and wear a large. I’d probably want to be in the 32/34 range to wear a medium.

In the size chart you can refer to the “Waistband Width at Seam”. The measurements refer to the width if laid down flat. You can double the measurement to get the waist size.

That’s not so helpful for a compression garment with an elastic waist. Based on that method the large would be 29", which is typically a men’s small. The dimension needed is the stretched size.

Fila’s website lists the following general for “outdoor performance” clothes, which I’m assuming this falls into:

S: 29-31"
M: 32-34"
L: 36-38"
XL: 40-42"
2XL: 44-46"

agreed! It’s almost information overload trying to look at the sizing info given!