FILA Men's Softshell Jacket, 5 Colors

Not good quality…got these a year or so ago. Zip was messed up immediately.
Low quality

2 cents…

I have 7 fila softshells in different colors. Haven’t had a quality issue yet.

I prefer these jackets during fall. Great fit, very thin but deceptively warm. Also the colors don’t fade over time/washes.

Here they are on amazon: . Between $66 and $99, so this is a good price.

4.5 stars/ 86 reviews.

This will be my new running jacket for this winter. I figured out that the chest pockets work perfect for my phone and can listen to music while running. I hate to have headphones on while running, especially while it’s dark outside.

I purchased a XXL size in gray color and I can’t return or exchange it to Woot. Anyone want to purchase it from me?