Fila Men's Softshell Jacket, 6 Colors

nope, bought a fila jacket a while back, zipper crapped out pretty quickly. it was a waste of however much money I spent on it. … eventually I’ll replace the zipper and get some use out of it, but I’m thinking the stitching won’t hold up much either.

Pure garbage. Cheap and fit like factory irregular. Even at sale price it’s a ripoff.

Last Fila I bought was great, looked nice and held up fine. Not sure what the others bought but my jacket was a great buy.

I purchased Fila softshell outerwear for my sons last Christmas - they look great to this day! No issues whatsoever, as for the negative comments posted here, I don’t know what style you ordered, but my last order was remarkable; fit, style, wear - couldn’t ask for more!

I purchased these Fila softshell jackets - great price, and hope they fit/wear as well as the previously purchased jackets that still look great!

The blue jacket photo appears to have an elastic bungee sewn into the bottom hem, but this feature isn’t described in the write-up.

Does any or all of these jacket(s) have elastic at the hem? I might get one if it does; I already have one without that I’d like to replace…

Just looked, it has an elastic bungee in the bottom hem.

Ordered one and if it goes a year, I’m fine. After all, it IS a $20 jacket folks.

Bought one in December, 2012…still wear it. No problems.

Sizing is a joke. XXL way too small.