Fila Men's Tops

The description for the Fila LM123AM2 Record Arctic Fleece Solid Jacket says half-zip but the photo looks like it’s a full-zip. Fila’s site also says full-zip:

So which is it Woot?

I think you’re looking at the wrong page:

I think you’re looking at the wrong page. Look at the letters for the jacket. The link above is for the AL, not the AM.

It is full zippered, as shown. The description has been updated.

Thanks for pointing out the problem.

More like 1/3 zip from the looks of things. Nice deal, wish I had noticed it sooner.

I ordered two of these and they are not “fleece” in the sense that I consider fleece. These are more like athletic wear with a thin lining of fleece as opposed to thick and fuzzy fleece. If you’re looking for the traditional fleece don’t get these. If you want lined athletic shirts I have 2 XLs for you.

Got my 1/4 zips on Sat. They are nice, and true to the sizing chart. Will be great for the spring/fall. Very happy I got in before the sell-out. Would love if you guys got more of the Fila polo shirts!

They are a “Wooted” misrepresentation.
Not fleece!
Not full zip.
They run about a size and a half small.
Can you fila my pain.

RE: Fila LM123AM2 Record Arctic Fleece Solid Jacket - Black

I ordered two of these a week ago and got them yesterday. After wearing it in the 35° F St. Louis air every time I was out yesterday… and this morning with drizzle added in… these are my reactions to the jacket:

The fleece is indeed fleece. It’s not some “fuzzy” sweat shirt fleece… it’s a more dense, real fleece… which I much prefer. The only part that’s not fleece is the lining on the collar and the inside of the pockets… which is more of a smooth plastic-like material.

As for sizing… I ordered an XL like I usually do… and although the jacket is a little less spacious around my XL belly than most garments… the rest of the chest and shoulders were appropriately-sized. Fhe arms on the jacket, however, are probably XXL. But the elastic around the wrists keeps the long arms from being an issue.

Really… other than the overly-long arms… I don’t have much complaint. It’s warm and light… everything I wanted in a fleece jacket.