Fila Men's Track Pants

Those look like yoga pants in the photo. If I wear those, I’m pretty sure I’ll be hearing a lot of snickers from everybody I walk by. It’ll be hard to be cool when people are yelling, “nice yoga pants, dude!” our of their car windows.

With the longest inseam a short 32" even for the XL or XXL, these pants are made for the short and squatty bodies.

Come on, Woot…how bout some pants and tops for us more normal taller folks, say sizes up to 36 inseam and 37 sleeve length?

Beer and pizza during halftime pants indeed.

C’mon, America. Get your butts in shape so that I can buy proportional track pants with a 34" inseam. By the time this sizing gets to a 33-34" inseam, the waist is going to be 54-56". (Math! It’s excellent.) If that’s your thing, whatevs, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

If I ever find someone that wears track pants I will be sure to let them know about this deal.

thanks for calling this out. I was about to purchase but I would like at least 34". I understand that the average person may not have my dimensions I just don’t want to show my ankles unless I decided to show my ankles :wink: