Fila Men's Trifit Skele-toes Shoes

Size 10 max? Phaw!

Meh. Bad FiveFingers knockoffs. It’s no wonder they’re on clearance.

+1. Need 14. Maybe would’ve given a 13 a shot…

son of a bull shark… I hit buy. but they don’t have 12 sorry for being a “giant oaf” woot. you aint get no impulse moneys

I think Fila combined Crocs and Vibram’s Five-finger shoes as a challenge to create the ugliest and cheapest looking shoes possible. Eww.

These things always remind me of that episode of Married With Children where they made the shoes in the shape of a foot in a sandal.

It was a joke then… now it’s real.


Got these last time they came around, they are ooohhh so comfortable and versatile too! Lots of strange looks and questions but they are VERY comfy! I’m a size 13 and they fit well! We’ll see when winter rolls around… if it ever does!

Technically 8 max now, 9 and 10 are sold out.

"In the Box:

(1) Fila Men’s Trifit Skele-toes (choose size)"

Does this mean I have to buy two?

I’d totally buy some if they went down far enough for my ‘tiny for a woman’ size feet! :frowning:
Oh well!

I got these when they were on Woot Plus. Kinda unimpressive but the bottoms were a lot thicker than I thought they would be. I was hoping they would fit a little tighter (like flippers) but they were kinda loose around the ankle.

I would recommend trying them at the store to see if they fit you right but given that isn’t an option, if you have normal feet, you should be ok. However though, don’t break your bank since they are more of a novelty than anything.

Are these refurbished?

And keep buying more until you get both a left and a right.

Would only let me chose size 8-9 >_>

when i saw these pop up i was pretty excited, because i have wanted a pair of toe shoes for awhile now, but than i realized size 8 was the max size. woot you are such a jerk

+1 I’ve been wearing VFF’s for a few years now. When I first heard about these I thought maybe they would be a good cheaper option, then I actually saw them in the store. What a pathetic attempt, I could barely bend them in half compared to a nice thin pair of five fingers.

I love my Vibrams. These things are garbage, they feel like cheaply made Chinese plastic toys from childhood, you know, before the median Chinese family income rose and they started producing iPads.

Would have pulled the trigger, but you don’t have my size.

No money for you!