Fila Performance Polos

well, those fellas look efficient and productive! i bet it’s because of their Fila Performance Polos.

do you have a Fila Performance Polo? tell us about your skyrocketing productivity and unparalleled golf score.

How do I order two different ones without paying for the shipping twice? There doesn’t seem to be a way to combine the two orders.

Woot is free shipping after paying for shipping once. Once you buy the first, you will unlock free shipping until midnight.

@wisenekt Thank you!

Any clues on the “hidden in plain sight” BOC ?

I almost wonder if it is already gone. I think I have just about clicked on everything and moused over everything else looking for hidden links. Any one with any ideas?

Truth be told, I thought it had something to do with the last shirt Fila Polo Shirt - Red/Black since it is sold out but there are no sales stats. Ironically, that is also the polo that I wanted the most so I feel like it is kicking me twice.

I was wondering about that, but didn’t see anything weird on that product page. Guess I gotta give up and go to work :frowning:

I was also wondering if the black shirt that the guy with the TPS reports has has anything to do with it, but maybe not.

Is there something wrong with the last polo shirt cause it says it is sold out but there are no sales stats. (And no BOC if that is where it was hiding.)

EDIT: Yay, I can get the shirt. I mean crap I can get the shirt and Woot gets more money.

The one that is sold out is the one at the bottom of the page in plain sight so I think that was it. Also all the others have sales stats except that one. Unless I’m missing something.

Hope these shirts are nice cause I ended up buying 6 of them.

TPS Reports… LOL!

What is the shirt style with no shoulder seam called? I know there’s a specific name for it but I can’t remember.

Also, how do they fit compared to a regular shirt with a shoulder seam? It seems like the sleeve of the shirt would not hang in the right position.

Raglan sleeve?

Hi TT! What’s the story with the BOC tease? Any insight?

Where’s that?

In the tooltips for each shirt and the discussion is the second question on Deals.woot.

oh those writers…

Finally I Like Adidas