Fila Performance Polos

Anyone have one of these? Do they run typical to your size? I usually go XL for short-sleeved shirts but the stats for the L seem to fit.

I usually have to buy a tall. Any idea how long these shirts are?

Pushed a lot of buttons. How do you buy the shirts. Isvthis a joke?

Click on a shirt, select quantity and size and click buy it now. Reenter password, confirm details, order processes. Order is confirmed and regret starts. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Aaargh! Remove that photo on the main page, or else post the whole picture! The way it’s edited it looks like one guy scratching his balls while another guy laughs at him.

Did you get the memo about the new cover sheets for the TPS reports?
Let me get you a copy of the memo.


Woot saves the day again. I was just thinking that I needed to freshen up my daily polo routine.

Looking to buy these for work–saw something about the ‘mesh inserts,’ can anyone tell if these are good casual business attire?


I bought 2 the first time and wear them to work all the time. We do have a laid back environment though, but I think they are good for work. Wore 1 to an interview not too long ago.

Thanks…I bought 5! We’re business casual so polo’s and khaki pants are the norm, just wanted to make sure they weren’t different than normal polos with the mesh bit

Yes, that’s it. Thanks.

I live these shirts. They are the drifit type material. These types of shirts are always a bit larger cause they’re supposed to fit like a golf shirt, guess it’s supposed to be cooler (temperature wise). However, I always order a size smaller than what I normally wear and they fit me like a normal polo. I hate the baggy look. I usually get a medium in regular polos but I order a small in these. They are super comfy and plenty nice enough for work. I wear them everyday practically. Go for it!

Look,look,look at my crotch!

Sorry that picture is very funny.

Good Deal

Does anyone know if these have any sort of “athletic cut” at all, or are they bags made for the typical pear-shaped North American physique?

They don’t look very tailored…

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer, but is there any way to combine two different styles into one order so that I can use my $15 off coupon without wasting the $3, since it doesn’t get applied to shipping costs?

You can order two of the same style in a single order, but unfortunately with this sale it is not possible to have multiple styles in the same order. Sorry.

Was able to buy one, but when i go into buy a different style it now denies me. What the hell! Don’t you want my money?

What message are you seeing? You can purchase more than one style per account. Are the just grayed out (e.g. sold out)?

You want me to buy your stinkin’ shirt? Put a pocket on it. It’s becoming an obsolete style but so handy.

Also stinkin’ literally. Most of the performance 100% polyester shirts develop quite an odor. My daughter taught me including vinegar in the wash helps get rid of the smell. Otherwise, I’d use my wetsuit deodorizer which is much more expensive.