Fila Polo Shirt



It’s finally here - linked discussion threads for the Plus Events. Here’s where you can discuss the various items for sale in a given Plus Event such as these Fila polo shirts. Surely someone out there has worn these and can give some information about the size and fit. Do they run true to size? Does the material breathe well? Come on, impress us!


Is it possible to buy more than one color on the same order?


I agree, I would be really interested in this deal if I could pay 1 shipping price for 3 different color polos.


Not in the same order, but with our current All You Can Ship promo, it’s basically the same thing - go through and buy a shirt (and if it’s your first order of the day you’ll pay $5 shipping), and then go back and buy a different colored shirt, and it’ll have free shipping. Since it saves your shipping and payment info, it’s fairly painless to run through the purchase process a few times.

[edit to reply to Yuri] Yep, that’s basically how it works. 1 shipping price for any number of things, even from other sales and the other Woot categories, all the way till midnight tonight (central time). We’re working on ways to make that a little clearer to you all on the home pages and in our purchase flow.


Polyester and made in China. 2 Definite passes. I was wondering why the retail was so low, those 2 reason say it all.

Cotton all the way.

These are the polo’s you find online or Marshalls for $8.99.

If you don’t mind polyester and China. Then go for it. it is $5.00 all you can ship on the same day.


I don’t wear shirts. Are these for me???


Even if you don’t wear shirts, these “shirts” are appropriate for use as pants. Simply flip them upside down. They then have the additional benefit of coming with a breeze partition on your bottom.


“Do they run true to size?”

They sure do…these items a built on an American sizing scale…which means they are not the Euro-cut shrinkwrap fits of Fila’s yester years. If your certain someone wears a Large in these polo’s they would a Large!

“Does the material breathe well?” The combination of performance poly and closed hole mesh give these POlo’s great breathablity on the Court, on the Course, or just running around town!


WELCOME to woot, Skemmis!!


Polyester, love it or hate it, is unbeatable on hot days and for sweat wicking. These aren’t dress shirts, these are meant for use outdoors when you are engaging in sports or want to stay cool.

The issue with polyester is the weave. Some snag easily or don’t have a nice feel. I don’t own these shirts (yet) so I can’t comment on these.


$5.00 shipping on a shirt killed it for me. Almost pulled the trigger, too.


Yes, and they also double as birth control.


This is the most painful experience I have ever had with online shopping. First I can’t bundle my order to get $5 shipping on two different color shirts, then I later learn that I can, I just need to make two orders. Then I try and put my credit card info in, that doesn’t work. Then I try and pick colors and sizes, and that doesn’t work…The old woot worked quite a bit better than this site. So now I have wasted 30 minutes and I didn’t buy anything.


Is that the best photo y’all could dig up? Marketing fail.

+1 for polyester. Cotton is so 90s.


Hey! That’s my brother you’re dissin’ there!

j/k not really. Yeah, a tad bit boring. Sometimes we don’t get samples to do our marketing magic in time. Sometimes, we just have one of those days, you know?


Do they have any photos of fit people wearing them? All of those guys are 40+ and have beer guts. I’m tired of clothes being made for heavier body types. Some of us exercise, you know.


What’s the difference between FILA and FUBU? Yeah these are birth control. Never getting laid in this shirt.


Seems like it’s “fat boys like Scott, don’t worry about buying our shirts” day


-1 for increasingly metrosexual clothing