Fila Sackpacks - 2 for $9.99!

I’d avoid the X2 sackpacks. Bought 2 several months back, and the material came apart at the binding around the edge. It probably needs to be double stitched, but it’s not, and once it comes apart, it’s on it’s way out. Also, the plastic strap adjusters are cheap and break easily, so I’d try the string strap version (x4) instead.

Same thing happened with the 2 bags I ordered a while back. Avoid these.

I’m with the manufacturer for these bags and I apologize. This shouldn’t have happened and I will make it up to you.

Are there any photos of the back/sides of the pack? I’m trying to figure out size and weight. My son now has more of a canvas one for soccer, and he’s looking for something lighter/more flexible that will hold his shoes (sz12), uniform, goalie gloves, water bottle, etc. but still be light - since he also has his huge school backpack to carry.

Do the X2’s have 2 compartments (looks like the X4s do), or are the X2’s like the ones you get for free at misc. events - just a pull tight bag with strings to wear as a backpack?

The front has a zipper compartment, and the inside of bag has a full-size divider as well, so total of 3 separate compartments.

I’d love it if you could. The second one is about a week away from being unusable.

I bought a couple sets from Woot a while back. Every single one was junk and coming apart at the seams. These were not even used or had anything in them. Just packed them in a suitcase to use on vacation. Waste of space and money. Not a deal at all.

I realize you’re asking about the X2’s, but FYI, I wooted a pair of the X4’s awhile back, and they’re just pull tight bags with strings, like you said. No compartments, no dividers, no pockets. Okay for five bucks, but no better than an event freebie.

Has he considered a small gym duffle? That’s what I used for soccer and xc in high school because you can put the strap on over your backpack.

The x2s are terrible. I got two last time and the string separated from the back with first use. They look cool but if you want to actually use them try the x4.

I bought these for use on hikes in the Virgin Islands. Both packs separated at the seams rendering then completely useless for holding anything small. I would not recommend this product.