Fila Shoes of All Sorts, Your Choice - $16.99 or $17.99!

Just bought my 2nd pair of skeletoes. Still loving the first. Been using them to train for my Super Spartan in September and I find I can run/train in these with or without socks. I never get blisters and my relatively high arches never get sore which is not something I can’t say about the various pairs of $100+ running shoes I have in my closet collecting dust now.

I wear a 8.5 Women’s shoe (39 Euro). Should I size down for this one to an 8, or size up to a 9?
Any advice on the fit?

If you normally wear socks with your sneakers and you wear a size 8.5, you will probably want to size down. That’s what I did with my skeletoe’s and they fit well. Look on the bright side - if they don’t fit well, they were only around twenty bucks!

Just placed my order , i hope they will last a few years… for the price i’m a little suspect on their quality how they’ll hold walking ( i walk don’t jog )since are Synthetic uppers and not Leather !!!

I agree with juan162.
Size down on skele-toes because you will probably not wear socks with them. Even if you do, they seem to still work well for me, possibly because unlike a regular shoe they don’t down narrow down at the end? Regardless, the piggies stay separated and happy :slight_smile:
By the way, they also make outstanding water shoes!

I’ve been interested in trying shoes like this for a while now. I don’t run but I am a drummer and love the feel of playing barefoot but it does tend to hurt after a while. At less than 20 bucks, I’m giving them a shot!

Can I buy one, I am in china
What is the shipping fee?
Totally how much?

Is this shoe a brand?

I’ve got the Fila all white mall-walker-band-camp shoes [snicker].

They’re feather light, and run about the same size as my other Filas and Asics.

A bit sloppy in the heel, though. I like them fine, especially at this price point, but I won’t be able to use them for anything other than casual Fridays and weekend errands.

Currently, we don’t ship outside the US. Here’s some info from our FAQ.

If you have any friends or family in the US, you could have them order for your and forward the package to you in China. Hope that helps!

I bought a size larger of the skeletoes but with high arches I couldn’t get the shoes on.

I’ll never buy another pair, for myself. The way the seams are and the way my toes are, they hurt the toe next to my pinky toe. I’m sticking with Vibram Five Fingers.

Seems like good deals. I got two pairs of the Leverage Athletic Shoes, and one of the
Men’s Emergence - Black/Grey/Orange for the hell of it.

I took the advice of others. can probably wear 9.5-10.5 mens, so i got them in 9s. hope thats fine.
if not, i spend more money on candy a week, so not much of a loss :stuck_out_tongue:

I have wide feet and short toes, and these shoes work great for me. Yesterday as I was wearing them while walking my dog, I was thinking that if someone had long toes this style might not be very comfortable for them.

I bought a pair a year and a half ago and they’re still going strong. Going to get one more so I can take some stress off my current pair.

Fila does make socks for them as well and I usually wear them with mine.

Has anyone found a sizing guide? I went to their website and found some Skeletoes (Not this specific pair) and clicked on fit guide and what came up was only for Infants-juniors.

I have wide feet… and apparently fat toes as it is a pain to get into these.

FILA makes socks specifically for their skeletoes shoes? I might have to get a few pairs.

Having bought other skele toes, I went for the size up. I typically wear a Mens 10.5 so an 11 should fit ok if true to sizing. The 11’s I bought were very tight as this is a slip-on. Definitely upsize a size. I hope my g/f fits into hers.