Fila Skele-Toes, High Tops, and More

I purchased the Virtuous the last time around and they are ok. They fit better than my Vibrams (due to the merged pinkie toe pockets) but they aren’t as good, and here’s why.
The virtuous are basically regular sneakers with toe pockets. They don’t give you any advantages of toe shoes except that you will need to buy expensive socks to go with them. Most of the advantage of other minimalist shoes is that they are minimalist - these have almost 1" soles at the back which pretty much defeats the purpose.
Compared with regular sneakers they are much more comfortable if you wear them WITHOUT socks, but when I used them for running they produced extremely horrid blisters around my big toe. These are now reserved for regular walking use and not running.

Thanks for the feedback. I have two pairs of Vibrams now and love them. I’m glad someone gave a good product review, so I knew what I would be getting into if I were to buy them. I was a bit skeptical on the style of shoe at the price listed. Cheers!

I have Vibrams too and love them. The filas on the other hand felt CHEAP and very awkward. I honestly wouldn’t buy these at any price…but each to their own!

Why don’t we just drop the price ,say, $9.99 and get rid of these Skeletors toe ?

Summer’s gone ,it’s about time .