Fila Skele-Toes Shoes

I purchased 2 pairs of these, last time they were up (one for me and the other for my girlfriend). I’ve been wearing mine, but the toe seams hurt and leave blood blisters on the toe next to my pinky toe. I know it’s partially caused by he shape of my toes, but the short toe boxes, combined two toes and hard seams don’t help the matter. I decided I liked them enough to take the sacrifice, though. My girlfriend loves them, but she got water blisters on her heels.

We will be sticking with Vibrams Five Fingers, from now on.

Last time the Skele-Toes water shoes were up on Woot, I bought four pair (two accounts) for my family. These were great for at the beach both in and out of the water. For once I didn’t have to hear my kids complain about their feet being cut by shells nor their feet burning from the hot sand. The only problem we had with the shoes is the amount of sand that gets trapped inside of them. There are hollow compartments in the soles and heels that fill with sand. So if you buy these for the beach, make sure you do a good job of banging the sand out of them before getting into the car or going indoors, or you will have a huge mess.

I brought a pair for my first toes shoes to try out the concept. These are great! I have arthritis and before I brought these I had trouble with swelling. After wearing these my foot got small enough that now I have to wear socks with them. And they still tend to be loose.

If you have arthritis, then try a pair of these.

So these are for people with four toes?

Bought these the last time they were up @ 14.99 for kayaking. I have to say, I’m impressed. Both my pinky toes are basically none existent from being repeatedly broken and curl under my feet due to wedging wide feet into standard shoes for years. If you’re skeptical of the 4 toe design, don’t be; I absolutely love it.

All my friends insist that Vibram’s are more comfortable, but this is the best my feet have felt in years. I can easily traverse the worst rocks and dead fall, and with the ridiculously thick soles I don’t feel a thing. For those complaining of blisters, I have to wonder what they’re doing with the shoes. The EZ Slide Drainage are NOT running shoes, they’re water shoes. If you’re wearing them because you think they’re trendy you deserve to look stupid and have sore feet.

the vibrams are more comfortable, but for cheap toe shoes to use and wear these are great

NOT everyday wear’ers though as they will get funky quick

I bought a pair of the blue/orange/black ones and use them often for all sorts of outdoor and in yard fun.

  • SIZE -
    I normally wear a size 13 USA Men’s for most brands and bought a pair of 13s last time these were up for sale. They are not only too large but the sizing straps dont fully help these be more comfy (they fit loose but do hug my ankles when tightened).
    Now that they are back up I plan to purchase a pair of 12s as they will better fit my feet.

My advice is to get your size if on the larger scale OR get one size smaller to fit your feet snug.


These things are getting cheaper…and cheaper. Stick a fork in this fad.

No, the aliens who look like humans.

How are the sizes on these? If you wear a half size, should you go up or down to a whole size?

I bought these for my husband & myself… If you are a half size, get the next size up - makes it easier to put them on & if you have long toes, it sure helps! They are comfortable & work well as water shoes but there isn’t the arch support I need for everyday use (plus I have to work these days!).

I’m a 10.5 (us) and a bit wide. I went for an 11 on the black/grey emergence last time they were on woot, and they fit nicely, though the hole where the tongue would be on a normal shoe is a bit snug, and that hole causes a little undue pressure on the top of my foot. I still love them, and may buy a pair of the ones with orange or yellow on them - still deciding - as a backup pair. Also hoping they stretch out a bit more as they wear in.

Like i previously posted normally i wear US Men’s size 13
I got a pair of these in 13 and they were a bit large but can be sized to fit better.

Now I just got my check in the mail, I’m buying another pair but in 12’s figuring these will fit me much better.

No one is exactly the same though =)

If I wear them at all, they hurt my feet. One of the seams hits the top of my toe, which over time caused a blister. I only wore them to the amusement/water park, as did my girlfriend, who ended up with blisters on her heels.

I tried on a larger size of the Skele-Toes running shoes and still had the problem with the seam.

I can’t help but giggle when I see someone wearing these. I’m sorry…but I think they are silly looking.

Why is the only Women’s option such a vile color?

Oh yes, Bart and his family love these .

These are total crap and I think the first thing I ever bought from Woot that I wanted to return. After reading that I have to pay shipping to return I think I will just Good Will them.I’m surprised that there weren’t more negative comments to save others from wasting their time and money.

I would not call them crap but mine did break as soon as I put mine on. The strap in the back came right off. Still wearable just hard to put on. Great for the beach.