Fila Skele-Toes (Your Choice)

I didnt realize that there is a market for 4 toed individuals :open_mouth:

Finally! I knew that four-toed statue on Lost would pay off one day.

*Amputation of 5th toe not included.

Was really excited until I realized my deformed foot has an extra toe. Damn my mutant genes!

Haha. I think it’s because a lot of people don’t have (or rather, haven’t practiced) the ability to flex/wiggle the pinky toe independently of the other four toes, which makes getting the pinky toe into a dedicated toe on the shoe somewhat difficult. I own a couple pairs of Vibrams and I have trouble with my left pinky toe when getting them on. The Filas look like the “fourth” toe is double wide to accommodate two toes.

can you wear these in the water

So, if anyone’s tried em… is the fit narrow, normal, or wide?

…in addition to the questions of if they are comfortable, help with running aches and will make me eggs in the morning.

The five toed ones are like twice the price.

I have a pair with a tongue for each toe.

I wonder how this one feels when two toes share one tongue.

I guess whatever cuts cost, this definitely doesn’t look right.

Anybody has shoes with 4 tongues only? Please give us some experience info …

my sock has only one toe

Yes (at least I did). I purchased some of these while in Jamaica to climb a waterfall. Kept from cutting my toes, and gave me some more stability than my normal sneakers wouldn’t of had.

I could see where putting the final 2 piggies together makes sense. The biggest complaint I have about my Vibrams (I have 2 styles) is the fit on my pinkie toe…

In all seriousness tho, these are awesome. I have some soccer buddies and cross country friends that swear by them. Not necessarily this exact brand/pair BUT if youve always wanted to try toe shoes this has got to be the best time ever.

Probably better for me then. I never could keep my little toe in its slot in toe socks.

If I buy multiple pairs they all have to be the same size and style? That’s something of a fail…

EDIT - Oh - just add them one at a time. The whole cart and all that…

These were overstock from a special order for the cast of the Simpsons.

These seem to be the model of shoe called the Amp.
Amazon link

Any specs on the width? Is it one width fits most? (I’ll assume it’s a D width).

and twice as durable. I had a pair of skele-toes wear out in a couple of months, where-as my Vibrams, while doing the same tasks, have withheld constant abuse and still going strong.