Fila Skele-Toes (Your Choice)

You buy water shoes, you dont buy sneakers, they do make water shoes that look like cool sneakers.

Can anyone comment on sizing? Is it true to size. I’m having my last two toes surgically fused.

Compared to my Vibrams, which are still going strong, these wore out in a couple of months. I bought a pair for my 10 year old son and they wore out in about 3 weeks. I really wanted them to be durable and awesome, but they’re not. Which, I suspect, is why they’re here.

I’ve never owned a pair of five fingers shoes, but when comparing this model others, these look like regular “thick-sole” runnings shoes with just separated toes. It seems that defeats the whole purpose of buying these fingered shoes in the first place, which is get that foot-to-ground contact feel and extra mobility.

My socks have 5 toes

Try the toe socks by Injinji. They are the best and are basically made for toe shoes.

I need one with six toes… that way I can run away faster from Inigo Montoya! LOL

I ditched an otherwise entertaining Facebook friend because he kept posting pictures of these disgusting toe condoms. But for 25 bucks, they might come in handy for a hike I take following a boulder-strewn stream.

Can’t find reviews anywhere. Are these brand new to but the market?

These are the same as the non orange pair. $50 is the lowest option.

Anyone know how these are if you have bad arches???

I’ve had a pair of these (women’s version) for over a year now and LOVE them. They still look and feel exactly like new, so they hold up well.


  • super comfortable
  • better footing than conventional shoes
  • surprisingly good arch support for such a lightweight shoe


  • they’re just fabric between the toes, so not waterproof/rainy day shoes (although they’d probably be fine if you intended to get wet)
  • if walking on small gravel, it may tend to lodge in the soles
  • toe socks are expensive

I’ve got friends who have tried both these and their 5-toed competitors, and they say the 5-toed ones are superior, but for my money I’m very happy with these.

It looks like the end of my favorite nursery rhyme:

This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed at home.
This little piggy had roast beef.
And these little piggies … ??

Anyone know how these fit size wise? The chart looks like you measure heel-toe and that puts me at two sizes down from my normal shoe size, I figured a half down but that seems a bit much.

McDonalds = bad arches

Smurf shoes

*Fits true to size for the barefoot wearer. Order a half size up to accommodate socks

And if the shoe don’t fit? I mean I have some shoes that are 8, some 8.5, workboots that are 9, and some 7.5’s I can fit in as well…

I’ve got 2 pairs of Vibrams, and 2 pairs of SkeleToes. SkeleToes feel a lot closer to wearing a standard running shoe, but the toes do help for giving you additional traction. I like my Vibrams more, but I’m still a pretty big fan of the SkeleToes (and mine have been given a lot of use and held up just fine).

Wondering same but it says true to size unless your wear socks, then half size bigger