Fila Tops For Men & Women

Are these water resistant? Fila LM143GC9-001 Men’s Prime Performance 1/4-Zip - Black/Ocean

I bought a women’s May hoodie on Woot recently. For what it’s worth, these seem to fit very trimly and/or run very small. I ordered my usual size, which is comfortably within the size chart range, but no way will this work. The fabric is somewhat stretchy but I don’t want a jacket to be that tight. Other styles may be somewhat different.

However, I also have a few of the men’s jackets in different styles and these seem to run rather small as well, compared to other brands in the same size. I guess I should have known to order larger, but the size chart suggested I had an inch or more to spare.

They are nice jackets–I think mine are all some version of “plaited fleece” and they are water resistant, to answer the question above. They’re comfortable and wash well, and the quality seems good.