Fila: Warmth & Style

Are these reversible? I see a few references to reversed… but not exactly sure what it all means.

Which one are you seeing “reversible” on? I don’t believe any of these are reversible but I’m happy to check into it!

Fila LM143HA7 Men’s 1/4 Zip Pullover

Not specifically reversible and I don’t think it is reversible, but thought I’d ask.

Contrast color reversed out 1/4 zip front with lockdown puller and silver reflective piping

Matching to body reversed out zippered upper left sleeve pocket with lock down puller

Yeah I think they’re just talking about the zipper being “reversed” instead of how they are normally- the actual jacked is not reversible.

There must be a warehouse the size of Kansas full of overstock Fila fleece ware! :slight_smile:

Curious about the Poly-Fill Jacket - is their a warmth factor? eg. how cold can it get to still keep you warm?

Sorry for the delayed reply, but here’s exactly what I got from the buyer:

“I’m not sure the best way to answer this but I have one and I was very warm when I spent all weekend in 35-40 degree weather. It’s very similar to the spec of an REI down-filled jacket.”

Hope that helps, at least a little!