Fila Women's Performance Hoody 18 Colors

**Item: **Fila Women’s Performance Hoody 18 Colors
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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how funny. i just got my mens version of these shipped to me today and i’m wearing it now. i’m assuming the material is the same… so i can say they are probably comfy. :slight_smile:

Great price, Fila makes some quality athletic gear.

I’ll see what I can get from our buyers. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The sizing info is available in the Specs now. Hope that helps!

Yeah if they’re anything like the mens’ they are smooth on the outside, soft on the inside and very thin. I love it.

Good price for a nice sweatshirt. Definitely looks like something i can give to my younger cousin to jog in. Here in So. Cal. we don’t need anything too heavy.

I purchased the men’s sweatshirt and can’t wait for it to arrive!

18 color choices and we are limited to only 3??

[MOD: Yep, we want to have enough to go around. ]

Didn’t know that women’s were coming up when I ordered the men’s hoodie but since those sold out I am glad to get another. The thumbhole on the sleeve sold me!

Sweet! Early christmas wife shopping.

ha i just did the same. bought 2 for the wife & 1 for my sister.

cant see my mom wearing these.

just hope they dont get jealous of the colors i got for each of em.

So I’m bad at reading sizing charts–my wife is 5’2" and 100 lbs, very petite. Is XS the order of the day?

I would think small but here is a tip. If you know her bra size say 32B then you are good to go. The number is the circumference of her body just below the breast line. Take half that number and that will give you a baseline to compare to the measurements across the chest. As long as the listed length is a little less than your number you are ok. If it’s close and she likes baggy clothes, is busty or layers a lot go up one size.

Edited to add: also factor if she in if she has a long torso but can’t suggest an easy way to do that.

Guess I missed my chance, all the sizes bigger than small are all sold out. Boo!

Well, that was dumb. When will I learn? Before I decide which one I love see if Woot even has any left. Grrrrr. Who even wears an XS? Even my 10 year old would need a Medium. Also I have to point out the funny map. There is an obvious line showing where the northern states bought more hoodies than the southern states. I’ll console myself by being happy that I don’t actually live in hoodie country.

Bummed! I wasn’t able to snag one in my size. All that’s left is SMALL >.>

ha, that is funny. we live in PA and just had to turn on the heat Monday. ugh
i love the fall time, but winter just gets too cold sometimes. we do love the snow too. IMO it’s just not Christmas without cold weather & snow.