Fila Women's Channel Puffer Jacket, 6 Colors

My Google fu comes up with nothing. Anyone know the fitting on these/own one before? I couldn’t find one review.

Size chart is on specs page.
Couldn’t find any reviews either, but this is the lowest price I could find from anyone else:

Would these be good as ski jackets?

Found on another site… M is 8-10 35.5.-36.5 and L is 12-14 38-39.5

and xl is is 16 to 18 41-43

Amazon has them as well, no reviews though

I’m in. These are great colors and a smokin’ deal. Plus, I’m frigging cold!

Does anyone know what the return policy is on this jacket? Does Woot even have a return policy?

It is found on front page…under What is Woot. Only returns on damaged stuff…so if you buy the wrong size can’t return…that is kinda what is holding me back cuz i am not sure of my size.

What we recommend on shirt is to lay out a shirt that you like the fit of and measure it. Compare it to the size chart.

Might try that.

No. Not waterproof and generic poly insulation.

Could you provide me the price of this jacket that was sold on woot?

how much were they sold for? One appeared in my mail box and now I need to figure out how much to spend on a friend.

Well, I gotta admit, this is a new request for me and I’ve been doing this for 6 years.

It sold for $29.99.

I bought a Medium as a gift for my mother for Xmas b/c she wears medium normally. She said that it fits like a kids Medium, so not even close. She can’t even get it zipped. Woot won’t do refunds, returns or swap outs, credit, etc. Mom is bummed. I’m more bummed.

Didn’t pay enough attention to sizing myself. Not close to what we would expect from a large. With Woot’s no-return policy, we’ll find someone else this may be a good fit for. But it’ll be the last time we buy clothing on Woot…

I bought a Med for me and a Sm for my 16 year old daughter. Loved the jackets, but just now discovered mine has a tear in the seam. Not sewn together in the back. Just requested help, will see what happens.