Fila Women's Long Softshell Jacket, 4 Colors

So is this warm? What is it made of?

never mind…polyester…no

I had a man’s jacket that lasted about 2 years before the zipper broke. I washed it a lot and wore it in MN winters, a least at times.

Can I use it as a rain coat?

What is on the inside? Nylon? Fleece?

Is it stretchy? What does the inside look like…lined? Looks very nice on the model :slight_smile:

Anybody else wanting to see a close-up on the liner and shell material?

Hey all! About the inside…

Just looked at one of the jackets. They are not lined. The inside of the fabric has a fleece like feel to it.

How warm do you think it is?

Sizing is a joke. XL way too small.

Wife bought one, medium is too small and she’d like to exchange. Anybody know if this is possible?

We don’t offer exchanges or returns for sizing issues. Sorry.