Filing a Claim


Fedex left my package in my lobby and it got stolen and I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone at Woot since Monday. Does anyone know Woots process for this? I would still like to see if they can replace what was stolen. If you can speak to any of this let me know.



if it was sold out, your out of luck
try pm’ing gatzby


It was 2 Zunes, somehow I think they have more. PM’d Snapster earlier but no go.


good luck


Well, I would think that if anyone was to be held responsible it would be Fedex, not woot. Did you contact the police? Do you have security cameras in your lobby, do you have a receptionist?


No to all three. Open lobby, leasing office is in another building, no cameras. And given the fact that it’s an open lobby (the locked doors are after) it could be anyone from my neighbor to a pizza delivery guy.


Isn’t messing with mail a felony? I would contact the police, even if they can’t do anything about it.


messing with mail is a federal offense, messing with fedex is petty theft.
In anutshell, if it’s safe at the drivers discretion, or a package is sent with no signature needed, the driver can leave it wherever they’d like.

Did you check with neighbors?


Especially the one who is squirting music between his two new zunes.


No, I have way to many neighbors. There are about 180 units in this complex. Besides this was delivered on Saturday and I was out of town until Monday morning. I tired to call the leasing office, but they decided not to have office hours when they’re supposed to. Plus I never thought Fedex would leave it in the lobby. UPS has a key and will put it at least deliver by my apt door, which is what I expected of Fedex.