Fill 'er Up! Gas Cans

Three gas cans in your trunk? You are much more than a slow learner, you are unique. Did it never occur to you to take an empty gas can with you on your later treks to the gas station? If you are paying someone to drive the gas to you in addition to buying a gas can each time, you should seriously consider AAA or a roadside service option on you auto insurance.

Also, I am old enough to remember when Nissan (Datsun then) had as its advertising slogan: “It’s a long way to empty in a Datsun.” Salesman repeated the slogan shortly before we ran out of gas during a test drive. Luckily, it was only a short wait in a Datsun until another salesman drove by on their standard loop.

The description of the “Eagle UI-50-FS 5 Gallon Galvanized Steel Type 1 Gasoline Safety Can with Funnel, Red” states “5 gallon diesel…”

Does this mean that the can is not suitable for unleaded fuel and is made for diesel only?

I may have just answered my own question:

They updated the features to make it a bit more clear:

Type I safety can used to store, transport, and dispense flammable liquids safely; comes with a funnel to facilitate filling and pouring

Red can typically denotes gasoline, and yellow can diesel

Are these easy to use? I’ve had a lot of problems with any gas cans bought in the last 4 years, too many latches and safety devices. Too many small springs and cheap plastic parts that break.

Are these “just a gas can”?

I would say these are THE gas can - very easy and safe to use. I got the Eagle 5-gallon Type I can from Lowes for 1.5X the Woot price. I got tired of my cheap HDPE can that stored the funnel inside and was hard to pour without spazzing out.

With the Eagle can, funnel snaps in place, so you never have to touch it. You can’t see it in the photos, but you control pouring by pulling a handle that opens the lid within the funnel. Releasing springs the lid shut. I’ve had it for almost a year now and have not have any issues filling up the lawn mower or snow blower.

At these prices I would go for the Type II since refilling is easier. But the few times I have refilled my Type I it wasn’t a big deal to take the funnel off.

As a critical side note… Diesel should not be stored in galvanized tanks. It attacks the zinc which breaks down into particles that can damage injectors, pumps, and filters.

"Re diesel fuel compatibility with metals:
From the Federal Regulations for Coast Guard fuel tanks:
46 CFR § 182.440 Independent fuel tanks.
(a) Materials and construction.
TABLE 182.440(a)(1) footnotes
“5 Gasoline fuel tanks constructed of iron or steel, which are less than 5 millimeter (0.1875) inch) thick, shall be galvanized inside and outside by the hot dip process. Tanks intended for use with diesel oil shall not be internally galvanized.”

Also, in 46 CFR § 182.440, Paragraph (9):
“(10) Iron or steel diesel fuel tanks must not be galvanized on the interior. Galvanizing, paint, or other suitable coating must be used to protect the outside of iron and steel diesel fuel tanks and the inside and outside of iron and steel gasoline fuel tanks.”

Are these galvanized on the exterior only?

I have no need to store gas but I dream of the day when I’ll have a lawn that needs its own maintenance equipment. This looks like just the kind of can I’d like to own. the wide base makes it more stable in my trunk when I’m taking turns too sharply and the dispensing system looks like it will keep my dainty fingers away from the gasoline. I hate messing with those new fangled “safety” cans equipped with impossible plastic gears and loose pieces stored inside the tank that you need to handle after they’ve been liberally coated with gas, how is that safe? It sure isn’t clean. In for two.

Jodi Arias special?

I tried buying 3, but I get a popup redirecting to FBI site asking me my purpose for that quantity.

Methinks NSA has infiltrated “W”.

Surely you jest.

What am I missing? Why is the 5 gal the same price as the 2.5 gal?

Rofl. he jests.

It’s Woot math. Don’t try to figure it out - just buy the size you want instead.

It’s not woot. If you look around, most places have the 2 and 2.5 gallons, even the 1 gallon too, near the same or more than the 5 gallon. It’s pretty close to the same with type IIs also, and it’s not just Eagle, but occurs with Justrite’s product line too.

There’s probably little difference between the manufacture of a 2.5 and a 5 gallon (base dimensions are the same), and the extra steel (steel is cheap; labor, benefits, other knick-knack parts aren’t) doesn’t account for the volume the 5 sells versus the 2 and 2.5s (imo, in-company supply/demand runs opposite market supply/demand; the less sold item is more a pain to keep producing if it’s not selling as much).

(btw, I know requests are hard to fulfill, but it would be nice if woot gets these again for a woot plus if they could offer more of the lineup, especially the blue 5 gallon, and the metal, not plastic, bins.)

I would love to get my hands on a type II Kerosene 5 gallon tank at these prices.

Wish these were No-Spills

does the type ii have a 7/8 or 5/8 spout?