Fill 'er Up! Gas Cans

I don’t know how long this has been sitting in my shed, but it has for at least some number measured in decades…does its intended job well.

For those considering the 5-gallon capacity; keep in mind that it gets heavy. 5 gallons = roughly 32 lbs. If it’s full, that’s a hell of a walk back to your Datsun.

thank the CARB (Calif. Air Resources Board) for that. Simple, classic gas cans are illegal in California. It’s actually a crime to take a drive to nevada and buy a gas can that works properly, so we are forced to use those ridiculous cans that end up causing you to spill more gas than you get into the fuel tank. D’OH!

because you’re buying it with air inside, not fuel.

It is somewhat concerning to me that the Type II on Mother Amazon is “under review”:

Is Woot the dumping grounds for Amazon’s defective products these days?

Ah, after reading reviews it looks like Amazon has trouble getting these delivered dent-free . . .

Hey Woot: I just pay $5 shipping on a sports ware order. Why am I charge another $5 shipping for the purchase of a gas can? Do they both have to be on the same order? I thought the one time $5 shipping is good for all purchases made on the same day as long it is going to the same address?

Yep, $5 one basket ordered. They ended daily-unlocked shipping a few months ago.

yes, as PocketBrain said, we ended that promotion several months ago when we implemented our shopping cart feature.
sorry for the inconvenience. :confused:

My can arrived today via fedex, direct from the Manufactuer,(no dings dents, A1 Condition)
and a couple hrs later, I got the Shipping Notification email from woot…DOH!

it wasn’t supposed to be here yet…I was ordering it as a gift for my dad,(who has been complaining about the stupid spouts on the other 90%of the gas cans…). he is going on a month long trip in a few days, this was supposed to arrive while he was gone. instead i come home from work, and find the gas can sitting on the couch. Double DOH!

I’m sorry if the surprise was ruined :(.

You were lucky! FedEX dented mine. Large dent 1" deep 8" wide, top to bottom of the 5gal cam. OUCH! Called Eagle to try and resolve and Sales Manager has yet to call me back.

jeez. sorry to hear that. you’ve reached out to the right folks, it sounds like, but if you need any help getting things rectified, please email and we’ll assist.

apologies again.

9 days later and I have yet to receive shipping info or the fuel cans I ordered. Anyone else having problems receiving them? If/when I do get these, should I inspect them and refuse shipment if they are dented? What is the best way to handle that?

UPDATE: 8/28/13
Received all 4 cans via USPS in flawless condition. THANKS WOOT!!

Hey there. I think I found the problem. You have a PO Box as your shipping address and the sale states:

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, PO Boxes and APO addresses not available for this item

Email for assistance.

I just received mine in the mail today (2.5 gallon). Everything is great except for the large dent on the side near the top. How do I go about rectifying this?


sorry to hear that. please email and let them know you received a damaged item. i’ll forward your post to our CS department so they’re notified on my end, too.