Fill Up Your Knife Drawer

That Kyocera Ceramic Black Utility Knife is my favorite knife. I’m getting another one. It’s super sharp and has a great balance and feel.

Ok, I bought one too. Just cause it is your favorite.

Chicago Cutlery Set of 8 Basics Steakhouse Knives - 1118292 it says on Amazon and here that it is serrated blades, yet the picture doesn’t quite match. The picture looks more like the 1104670 set.

I think ours is correct. Here’s 4pc set on the Chicago Cutlery site..

They’re serrated but not showing up in the small photo of the set

The second set you linked to has a curved blade and these do not.

I see them now, thanks for taking the time out and showing me. I thought I was going crazy for a moment.

I have been on Woot for over two years now and I cannot quantify the amount of times I have seen “Zwilling 33920-003 Cronidur 2 pc steak set” for sale. Will it ever sell? I don’t know… maybe there is just no one out there that wants to pay $189.99 for two steak knives. All I know is that seeing Woot have the confidence to try over and over again inspires me and keeps me going.

Had one before, dropped it on a cement slab while BBQ’ing. Buying two at this price.

Agreed. I also own this knife and it is a great for vegetables. That is what I save it for.

The Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pure 5" Santoku Knife description has a line that says:
Double tempering to just below -480 degrees F to improve toughness

-480 Ferinheight would be -11.3 Kelvin, which is below absolute zero…

Removed the minus.

Here’s the description of the process.

I think the same thing each time about the Zwilling breadknife, and I could use a new bread knife.

They have to be taking up valuable shelf space and annoying someone. I’m just waiting for the day when an annoyed Woot staffer caves and drops the price to $19.99 to clear them off the shelf. Hopefully I’ll be there watching and waiting to click the “I want one” button.

I got one of those Zwilling 5" Santoku knives from Woot recently, and it is a very fine knife indeed. Quite satisfied. $56 on the mothership, so not a huge savings, but still a better deal here - even with prime.