Fill Your Ears With Buds

Talk to me about your JBuds! Are you best buds now?

I don’t know about JBuds but I do have to speak very highly about the new ear pods from Apple. The redesign really was for the best, those things are really comfortable now.

Most of these have only 1 ear bud. How many people with only 1 ear could there possibly be? Seriously though, people still use the single ear bud style of yesteryear? I thought those were replaced with Bluetooth ear pieces.

I picked up a pair of these a while back and I’ve been very satisfied with them; the sound quality remains decent, they’ve proven reasonably sturdy, and they’re pretty comfortable.

How are these with not transferring rubbing sounds to your ears?

I’ve tried a few sets of earbuds at the gym, but the sound of the cord hitting my shirt rattles my brain!

You guys think that neoprene sleeve will fit a kindle fire hd?

Thunder thighs, Curious why I got charged 5.00 shipping twice in a 24 hr. period

The All You Can Ship resets every day at midnight CST.

Would that explain it? If not, email and they can look it up to see why.

the 7in? probably

Single ear buds? Are these for people who still have transistor radios?

HEY! Don’t make fun of my transistor radio! It’s served me well for the last 30 years!


Well, my Jbuds that I ordered came yesterday. Disappointed that I can’t use them with my Android cell because there’s no microphone (was told there was in error). But, they do sound good. I gave them to my son to use with his Zune.

I can’t f’ing believe it. I just bought a second J4 on Amazon, and NOW they go on sale?? Anyway, the J4 is fantastic. I’m a cyclist; I use it when I go on long rides so that I have tunes in one ear and can hear the traffic around me with the other. Much better sound than its competition (One Good Earbud).

Most earbuds like these (that go in your ear) have that problem. It’s greatly lessened though, if you either use a shirt clip at your collar, or just run the cord under your shirt, which is what I do.

Would the case that comes with the J3 earbuds fit an iPod Shuffle? If so I would buy them.

6 transistor? I’ll bet that thing sounds sweet. I know that with my 4 transistor I could almost hear the ball game through the static.

Nope, mono cassette recorders, This bud’s for you.

I think it’d be pretty useful for running/biking outside. You can hear your music AND hear the surrounding traffic.

very helpful…especially now that federal regulations have finally cracked down on those pesky rebels who insist on wearing a single earbud when they’re clearly using dual-bud earphones.