Filtrete Four Bottle Water Filter System

**Item: **Filtrete Four Bottle Water Filter System
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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I decided to get one. I’ve been buying the 32pk cases of 16.9oz bottles to drink at work because the water from the fountains there tastes like poison. Even though I recycle the bottles, I still always feel so guilty.

I bought one of these during a Woot-Off a few months ago, I’ve since thrown it in the garbage.

The top reservior that you fill is not of sufficient size to hold enough water to fill all 4 bottles. What you’re left doing is monitoring the bottles filling and continually refilling the top reservoir.

It also looks and feels really cheap in your hands.

Go ahead and skip this purchase, if you’re looking for a water filter, go with one of the many filtration pitchers available that would make this whole process a lot easier.

I got one of these back when it was not this cheap… Either way, I enjoy it mostly because it does filter really really fast! I had a Brita pitcher before, and while I still enjoy the pitcher format, the bottles aren’t too bad since I’m sharing the station with one other person, so we each use two bottles. So there’s always a filled one, and if not, it literally takes no time at all for it to filter more water.

I like it because I could fill four bottles at once and have filtered water on hand after my workouts. It was super easy. No this is not going to be your go to filter. But it is good for your on the go bottles. I like it. It was worth the 10 bucks for me.

At this price it’s cheaper to keep buying these than to buy the replacement filters.