That’s all folks!!

That’s not kosher.

Which stuttered louder? The pig or the tommy gun?

I asked my little sister once “Where does ‘Ehh, what’s up doc?’ come from?” and she said she didn’t know.



Awww yeah. We having some bacon tonight!

Shirt.Woot is really bringing back my childhood. I love it.

The poor diet finally got to him. The cast had been telling him to lose weight for years.

Well, I guess that’s what he gets for essentially sitting at the center of a giant target.

As dark as the shirt is theme-wise, it’s really the subtle side lighting on the pig that gives it the true foreign film quality.

Mmmmm. Just what I like in my braised pork. Bullets!

Oh now, that’s just mean!

(Yet…I absolutely love it…)

For those not familiar with classic Warner Bros. cartoons:

The endearing yet irritating stutter was his ultimate downfall.


Oh man! Poor Porky. D:

Just to clarify 'Fin" means “End”.

If this were the ending to a real film, I’d be kinda disappointed. Who shot the pig? It’s obviously just setting up the sequel.

An interesting spread of bullet sizes and shot locations. I’d say he was up against a firing squad.

I have no issue with this as long as you find a use for all the parts of the kill.

God help you if you don’t find an overweight midget for that blue suit.