Find Your Balance

Is it wrong that I want to send them all spinning round and round?

Zen-inducing turtles!

Congrats on the win! Some sadistic child balenced them on that rock. They’re smiling now, but all 3 of those guys are gonners.

Great colors and textures on this. Congrats

It’s all turtles, all the way down.

But it’s not! There are only 3, and they don’t go all the way down at all; you can see a rock beneath the bottom one. My entire cosmological foundation (a little pun right there) is upended (another little pun right there)!

Hey, thanks for voting this to print!

It’s a combination of zen balancing pebbles and turtles loving to bask in the sun, balancing on stuff.

So it’s not a Discworld ref, although it’s always good to be a Pratchett fan. :^)

I am always impressed with how much mastery you have over your color/shading. Congrats on the print man.

FANTASTIC! Zoya aprroves 100% She’s been practicing for this (but she’s an only child so its kinda sad… )

I tried duplicating this with a turtle plush from TT, but I couldn’t even keep one from tipping on its head. In for one on AA.

Hi Zoya, keep practising! :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch oaken’ and Narf’.