Inspired by Bluebledthesea

[b][i]Though we have never seen a photo of Fen in real life, we all have a mental picture of what he must look like.

Using photos from the web, altered or not, post how you picture Fen.[/b][/i]


Haha, this will be good. I want to see lots of entries.



No thanks, I’ll pass on this one.


I wonder if Fen will be inspired to post here


According to this site, this is FenStar:



is this his secret crush (hence the name)?


According to MySpace, this is FenStar:

And so is this:



that has got to be the most hidious lady I have ever seen.


that’s a lady?

<muttering… coulda fooled me…>


I am a window.


yup… we see right thru you


I’ve seen that profile before but I thought Fen was a skinny guy, like, 140ish. Can’t be him.


and, that guy looks, odd…
No pictures of me on the internet.


Just break down and PM us a picture like everyone else has done.
We are all still alive
No stalkers


This is a bad thread and needs to go away.
Fen’s been a good sport.
We all throw our two cents in.
No need to single anyone out.


It’s ok, I don’t mind.
It makes me feel speshil!


That’s fine, Fen.
I mind.


I appreciate your concern, but I can take care of myself.


I’m sure you can. My interest here is not only yours.