Fine and Raw Signature Collection Chocolate Bars

Fine and Raw Signature Collection Chocolate Bars

not a good deal

Hmmm, $7 chocolate bars? I’ll pass.

$55.98 a lb for chocolate, isn’t that a deal :wink: They are getting to the point if you shaved gold over it you would bring the cost per pound down.

I would like to taste the mesquite bar Sam-I-am
I would…

Seriously, I know they are expensive but as a lover of chocolate I would enjoy tasting these

Just to pile on, these aren’t even those ~3"x7" 100g reasonably-sized-for-7-dollars bars, these are TWO OUNCES.

Hard Pass

I suppose whether or not this sale is a deal depends upon perspective.
Generally I don’t purchase artisanal high end chocolates for my personal consumption.
But I do purchase fine chocolates as gifts for others.
If I saw these bars in a shop, I’d fully expect to pay $8-$12 each.
At $7/bar delivered and heading toward spring holidays, I think this offer is a reasonable purchase for me.
Of course, YMMV.

This is cheaper than Éclat’s First Harvest, formerly Anthony Bourdain’s Good & Evil at $18 dollars a bar. And, yea it really is that good and completely worth it.