Fine Life Icy Shots 12-Piece Tray

I couldn’t hit the buy button fast enough. In for 3. 1 for me, 2 for friends.

Although those plastic cups on top look like drug test cups. Thats a little appealing to me actually.

Edit: Only a select few people will probably understand that joke…

I have these. They’re really fun and keep your drink nice and cold. You can also freeze things like juice in them to have a flavored glass.

Definitely wouldn’t use these at a party, by the end of the night you’ll have 12 puddles of water on various furniture.

Everyone remembers the good days right :wink:

I’m too drunk to get it?

Meh $10 total? You can get these in liquor stores for 5 or 6

Should have saved the “Great for Kids” write-up for when they get recycled onto kids.woot in another hour…

Now this write up demonstrates my kind of parenting.

…and here I thought this was a urine sample block party kit

How do you hold them?!

Cousin just turned 21 2 months ago and is in college. Is it wrong that I bought one for him and his brother who is in med school? Cheers!!!

Or you could stick your shot glasses in the freezer for free.

Ha. Me get off my lazy butt and go some where to buy something? I think not. I stay nice and cozy on my couch and have it delivered right to my door.

You can’t eat your shot glasses though. Well, you could, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

My BF & I got something similar & they don’t actually work well as glasses since they melt super fast – but his mum SWEARS her cocktails are way better using these as ice in her shaker.

Not wrong at all! BTW, can I be your cousin too?

I did pick up three. I’m very thrifty when it comes to shipping!

also fun for kids! start 'em young

Got 3, a friend is making a full bar out of her garage. These have to be part of a garage bar, right?