Fine Linens 1000TC 6Pc Sheet Set w/ Double Marrow Hem

“Hotel inspired.” LOL. I’ve stayed in great hotels around the world (and sketchy ones, as well), and, generally speaking, that’s really just not much of a selling point. Heck, do they each come with their own set of bedbugs, etc? How about a comforter that never gets cleaned?

Wish these were 100 percent cotton.

People always want “hotel quality” sheets because they supposedly take thousands of washes without the pilling or other degradation in finish but people don’t realize their secret … It’s not that they withstand the washing, they’re always dirty.

These were beautiful when they were brand-new, but two washes later they were pilling badly and fraying at the edges and at the colored piping. Very poor quality.

If you have OCD, these are not for you. I bought 2 sets and now wish I didn’t. I washed them before using and when trying to fold them, I found they are irregular. Plus, the top hem of the sheet and the front edge of the pillow cases fold and no way to straighten them out unless you iron them. After seeing a previous comment, I’m not looking forward to seeing what they look like after a couple of washes. I also bought the silver/graphite set as a gift but they are NOT a true silver tone. More like a wet sand color. I was hoping they would be grey but not even close.

So disappointed in the feel of these. I knew they were not 100% cotton but I expected a satiny blend; these are like a plastic table cloth. Not sure we can even use them once.

I bought these línens ( 6 of them ) and 4 were totally destroyed after the first wash !!Unfortunately I opened the package after 2 or 3 months because i bought them for the beach house! They are no good!

I agree with the quality you described. If I hadn’t been so busy with medical issues I would have returned them. The fitted sheet does not fit and finally I just made it fit ripping it while putting it on.

Note to self, Do not buy sheets from just because you’ve had positive results with towels! These are the worst fitting sheets I’ve ever had to deal with. At least they don’t ball up with lint like the last ones I bought. Those went directly to the Goodwill after two washings.

I bought real hotel sheets from Hampton and they fit. They were expensive but they were just like the ones we had stayed in.