Finishing Move


This shirt is why my thumbs hurt when I type for too long. Curse the hours I spent wasting my youth in the arcade.

Finish him!

All right, I’ll bite: I don’t think this is the Konami Code, so what is it?

I don’t know woot. What if I run into a chronic gamer and they start wildly jabbing my chest in an attempt to play?

I could end up with bruises on my chest, and don’t even get me started on how this might be used against the ladies…

Wow, now that’s a shirt that’s covered in blood.

sub-zero’s fatality, one of the easiest to pull of in the original MK. Liu Kang’s was also pretty simple, just a 360 on the pad.

I dig the reference, but fear that the majority of the population will just stare at me for a long time before the inevitable “what is that” question comes.

Man this shirt takes me back. Sometimes I think my generation were the last to experience the arcade craze, right around the time laser tag showed up. I really wish I had those quarters now so I could build a new wing on my house.

That’s three days in a row of shirts with words on them. What is going on?


trying way to hard…

Yeap, you are right:

I’m sad. I’d love the shirt if it didn’t say start under the button. I like the way the images are substitutes for words, but putting the word defeats the purpose.

Isn’t that the best part of shirts like this? What better way to make yourself feel superior to others.

Oh man, it’s all coming back to me. The second through forth player buttons on the arcade machines had multiple little “hooray!” guys on them.

And they always reminded you that winners, despite popular belief, do not do drugs.


Most of the W00t shirts these past two weeks have been pretty rockin’, very nicely done.

It bugs me that the start button icon has the guy with his arms up instead of down. The shirt loses a significant amount of retro arcade cred in my opinion due to that. Just google Mortal Kombat Control Panel or arcade start button, or go to the Mortal Kombat entry on (Killer List Of Videogames), and you’ll be hard pressed to find any start button for any MK game or any major (fighting) arcade game for that matter with hands up iconography on a Start button.

That input is also commonly known as the “DP” (short for dragon punch). Adds new meaning to the shirt.

edit: whoops, misread the input.