Fio Digital 128MB MP3 Player Sunglasses


[imgleft][/imgleft] Fio Digital 128MB MP3 Player Sunglasses - Friday, November 18, 2005
Item qty: 200, Last Order: 5:24 PM CST, Wooter to blame: maddawg024
Order Pace: 0m 51.561s, Woot Wage: $7,615.53/hour.


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This is a VERY good price for those…

I also read some nice reviews about them.

I don’t need them, but looks like a good deal


no thanks

now if i had been 1 second faster on that Bag’o’Crap :frowning:


come back this time tomorrow. These might be gone by then.


Oh god…the bar… IT ISN’T MOVING! :frowning:


Well the fact that I wear glasses pretty much kills off any reason for me to buy these…

Bring back the BOC!


so ticked! I had a bag o’ crap but when I hit the I want one key, everything froze up!!! AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Oh no, no these again. It’s the ghetto iteration of the Oakley Thump.

This Woot off is just terrible. It’s like a worst-hits compilation for the crappiest woots of all time.

I tried to get a B.O.C. and their server wouldn’t let me order. Then it was completely non-responsive. I refresh and the site comes back SOLD OUT of the B.O.C. and has this flaming pile of C next.

Woot’s system admins should be embarrased. I am a developer and sysadmin and I would be mortified if these problems persisted on one of my sites.


WELL THEN… I don’t need this abuse from you. Takes my XXXXXXL jacket and my electric knife and runs off into the sunset.


Yeah, but think how much crap merchandise they’re moving.

BTW, does the Woot-Off go 24 hours or all weekend?


And this is the most craptacular of all the craps crapped out by woot today.


You know, its actually a pretty good price, they are running about $150 everywhere else i look on the net. And this review actually looks pretty good:

They even have a rechargeable battery in them.

Nice price woot, kinda an odd item though…


Thanks for the crosslink to pocketnow. Beat me to it. Frankly, I’m tempted, but already own an iPod, and they would never fit my Dad’s head…

Tim Adams
Senior Editor


network errors even in the middle of a woot-off killer.

servers suckola!


I’m inclined to agree. It was nice when I woke up this morning and was like, “CRAP, a Woot-off!!! What have I missed?!” and then I was relieved to find I didn’t miss anything I would’ve wanted.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything since then that I’d want. EXCEPT A FRICKIN’ BAG O CRAP! I was totally on the ball, there, and the server was all fubar. Now I have to sit here and watch these mp3 sunglasses kill the Woot-Off. sighs


LOL! Well played!


ok serious question folks…

is there a limit how many items we can buy today? …during this wootoff? Because I dont recall seeing any rules regarding that.

In other words if i already purchased the mystery speakers and a blender (hey it was christmas present thing …gimme a break here)

I got confirmations for both …and I just now purchased the grills (more christmas presents) I got a third confirmation for that too …shouldnt I see three items listed for today under my account?

Cause Im only seeing the last two. where I used to see the first two items purchased, now I only see the last two

…and i want my speakers dammit!


“I’m posting in the blog to decry
this thing you couldn’t pay me to buyyyy”

  • Matthew captures my feelings perfectly.


Anyone notice that the earbuds are faceing outward. How are they supposed to fit in your ears?