Fio Digital 256MB MP3 Player Sunglasses


[imgleft][/imgleft] Friday, October 07, 2005


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What did the weasel say to the chicken? I don’t know.

But I totally dig this woot.

Fio Digital 256MB MP3 Player Sunglasses
$99.99+ $5 shipping

I’ve never seen these before. I wish I needed an MP3 player, 'cause that’s just plain cool.


I missed out on yesterdays because I didnt have enough money.

I still dont have any money, but my paycheck comes in exactly 10 hours.

I hope to christ this isnt sold out before then. This is absoilutley hilarious :slight_smile:

[b]$40 more on froogle:

Browns99df found this:

However, another wooter pointed out this:

I love you woot. I love you from the very innards of my heart valves.


WOOT, JAMES WOOT! ™ - You don’t have to be with an intelligence agency to know WOOT has the best deals [:)]

Fio Digital 256MB MP3 Player Sunglasses $99.99 + $5 shipping

Best price on Froogle - $139.99

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Interesting… WHY!!! Errr good night.


sunglasses you say? i’m interested



oh well, at least i’ll be useful and put a link



nope, id lose them


ripoff of the oakley glasses




player sunglasses? whoo hoo!




hahahah! on the day oakley unveils the thump 2.0


no glasses for me…just my eyes closed. I’ll stick with my current shades and ipod. night all


Quite possibly one of the greatest woots ever. What a sweet idea!


Are these like the Oakley THUMP?


why do i bother staying up anymore?


that’s a bit nerdy for me…