Fire & Death

I would so buy this if it had no words…

My favorite this week. I think the words are perfect. I love the look of the letters. A must have :slight_smile:

I am woot.

There be a dragon here.

I am Eire, I am Beach

Am I the only one that read it as such?

(i guess you had to be there)

I remember the last Woot shirt that someone made mention of TSA trouble with the design and my subsequent detention

I am poverty.


I am broke.

(Otherwise I’d be in for one.)

Vote spread of 78. I guess I should watch closely the next two days.

Decent shirt, but I agree with long-distance legibility of the text.

I’m very glad you put the disclaimer in the bio. I’ll bet that patrickspens is glad also.

Beware the wrath of the Lucas and Jackson worshipers.

I want to like this. I kind of do. But, the dragon suffers from three-legged syndrome. I stared at it. Struggled with the text. Figured that out, and then heard the judges on Inkmaster in my head (Chris in particular) harping on the dragon’s legs.

Well damn! I supposed I’ve just talked myself out of this one.

I am Forbes’ richest fictional character…

I am Ireland?

The Eire bit, yeah, but not the Beach.

Nice shirt, I just bought one, but I’d have preferred it with no words at all, and just letting the design stand on its own.

Great shirt, weird movie. Still unsure as to whether I liked it or not.

And what was the deal with the song during the credits?

Awesome shirt. Terrible write up. I would suspect that it is for the sole purpose of irritating the fans. But this write up is like a Fox News story. Creating controversy by saying one bold statement, without really backing it up. You spend much more time talking about George Lucas and the Wachowski Brothers than Peter Jackson. Kind of like when election time rolls around, in their slandering of a senatorial candidate, Fox News will often talk more about the President and the Nancy Pelosi than the particular candidate. Woot, you’re better than that.

Fantastic shirt with so much flames

The only thing more obnoxious than a fanboy nerd is a jaded film school guy. Seriously, those jerks hate everything. The Eiffel Tower is in France. Pears are not the same as bowling balls. In summary, nerds have bad taste and film school guys hate fun.

I don’t often read write-ups, but when I do, I wonder why I bothered.
The same thought crossed my mind dlcarst77.

That said, I’m happy to see this shirt made it to print.