Fire and Ice

…and everything nice.

Is that how it goes?

Trojan man!

And we’re sure this isn’t just a crosshair for a portal gun?

favorite poet, love the poem and the way these colors are a long low slow burn.

Congratulations Omar!
I want to live somewhere between the hot and cold side.

Earth 2020 after climate change takes full effect.

Who knew that the end of the world would be a thing of beauty and suffering rolled into one?

Awesome use of color on this one.

You’ll get burned on either side. Pretty awesome.

Is this earth on December 21 2012?

Looks like a mashup of the firefox logo, and portal.

This is one of those designs that you want to label as “too detailed for six-color printing”.

But sure enough, there they are:

White - 635C - 279C - 7405C - 137C - 1665C

Awesome shirt, omarfeliciano!

Sure this isn’t A Song of Ice and Fire?

Congrats on the print, in for one!

Would love to see this as a wallpaper too, the colors are beautiful.

The writeup makes me think that Heat Miser and Snow Miser are planning to end the world. There goes another childhood memory.

This is definitely my official “Game of Thrones Watching Shirt”

No, world’s not ending on that day. Not even for the Mayas. Saying that their calendar ends then is like saying that 31-12-99 was the end of our calendar. Both calendars have higher levels and can go on forever. And both peoples shortened the dates when writing. So, when the time comes, just say “Welcome to the new B’ka’tun.”

gon be tough to register that base white. would love to see it IRL.

Great looking shirt. I love the colors and the details. Seems I have a ton of black shirts, but I think I’m ok with that. The vast majority are woot shirts.

I see half Aurora logo and half Firefox, shirt is nice but I just bought a ton of shirts today, off to work soon which means I’ll have a good 6-8 hours on road to think about it. :smiley: