Fire HD 10 Kids Ed. Tablet (Previous Gen - 7th)

Fire HD 10 Kids Ed. Tablet (Previous Gen - 7th)

I bought one of these last time, the item came as described. The only problem is it took forever to load up and start and once it did, we used it that day. When it shut off it would not turn on again, charged it, did everything possible. In the process of returning it.

This is no way a deal. Come on WOOT. I just bought 10 8th gen tablets and paid $79 each and got these covers for $15. You can do better than this.

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I agree this is a terrible deal, and the Amazon Freetime (or whatever they call it now) is more trouble than it’s worth, m but $79 for the latest Gen Fire 10 HD is a deal that’s not likely to replicated anytime soon.

I’d be all over that deal in a heartbeat now.