Fire HD 10 Tablet (2019, 9th Gen, 64GB)

Fire HD 10 Tablet (2019, 9th Gen, 64GB)

Available colors

Black, Twilight Blue, or White (Your model choice)

but only white is listed as an option…

I’ve always liked the Fires I got here, but funny how things worked out. Slowly I began to return to my Kindles for reading, and then I found a couple of (for me) essential apps for my no-name Android 10 Chinese cheapie that are not in the Fire selection. So the Fires sit and some have been wiped and donated.

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I have one of these, and it’s pretty decent. Wish the bootloader was unlockable so I could play with custom roms, but that’s my only real gripe.

If you’re going to get one, I recommend Fire Toolbox. It can help you disable Amazon’s advertising and bloat, change the launcher, and/or install the Play Store.


Going to get one and put you on retainer for IT


Does anyone know if this will come with 4 years of software updates?

With Google Play installed they make excellent Android tablets.

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You can add the Google Play store to the Fires. Just… Google it. You can then get almost any app you need. (I’ve only ever found one - Kanopy - that did not install.)

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Sweet, that was my hope when seeing these on sale this morning. I’ve been window shopping el-cheapo units but managed to hold out long enough for something decent it appears.

Bought my wife a 9th gen 10" Fire HD last month… installed the Google Playstore just fine.

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Got one of these last time and ran Fire Toolbox on it and debloated it, installed playstore, and installed Nova launcher and its great for its price. The only issue is that it will not receive any OTA updates, so I do not do anything sensitive on the tablet…ie banking, crypto, stocks etc…It’s great as a media consumption device the screen and speakers for its price can’t be beat. It’s also a great emulation device as well, with Retroarch on it I have every PS and below game on it, and paired with a 8bitdo SN30 pro retrogaming is very enjoyable on this. I also added a 128gb SD card for all my roms. I take it to my local bar so my buddies and I can stream UFC fights in the backroom on questionable sites for the PPV and pair it with a Bluetooth speaker so we can all easily watch. Did this for the Jake Paul fight and lol it was hilarious there were like 20 dudes crowded around my tablet screaming when he ko’d Woodley. Oh yeah also got a case with a kickstand to prop it up on the bar. Anyways yeah man I’m really happy with my purchase.

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Another use is as a travel media device. I just leave it stock and put netlfix, dissney + and any other apps that let you have offline downloads. My case also props up (at 3 different angles). Put everything on an memory card and you have everything you need for unexpected delays etc. Plus, I carry a headphone splitter and my SO can watch something together.

It has become invauble in my travels.


Would I be able to cast/mirror/whatever this to a classroom projector?