Fire Maker, Rain Bringer

Lovely! It reminds me of Universal Orlando’s former Dueling Dragons roller coaster (which is now Harry Potter’s Frolicking Griffins or something).

Dearest Woot Staff,

The verbal information you have provided suggests the graphic is “centered” on the tee. Visual information suggests it is docked to the side. This makes my brain sad. Could you help a brother out, fo rizzle?

Reminds me of a DNA strand

Niccee. I was hoping this one would place. I rather like the way the textures came out on these guys.

Wear this shirt: when you eat spicy food and you have to go

Awww… why’d you have to bag on James Taylor? I think he’s awesome! <3 the shirt

It will be as shown. Not sure I can get someone to fix the text though.

Love the texturing and the colors! Probably in for one, although I have too many shirts already!

Not centered, sorry. Left aligned.

Spiritgreen knows how to handle his elements. The fire glows, the water flows and it all still manages to look like stone carving. Great to see another print added to your already diverse range Mr Green.

With no disrespect to Mr. Fire, I’m not entirely convinced that the sun is gas ON FIRE.

Maybe if I buy one of these we will get some rain. The brush fires are controlled but still burning.

It’s refreshing to see a non-centered design. When was the last time we had one of those?

Maybe if I do a money dance I can actually get some money to buy this shirt… sigh

Very cool shirt. Something I don’t get to say much these days

This shirt reminds me of the Dueling Dragons Roller Coaster we rode at Islands of Adventure in Orlando -

I think the Ice Dragon was the better ride but the Fire Dragon wasn’t bad.

Congrats Spiritgreen. Im excited to sport this. Thanks for adding to my woot collection.

The first person to buy me this shirt is gonna get… ten bucks. When I have it.

I get a kokopelli vibe from this, any one else?

(Kokopelli, if I recall correctly, is a fertility spirit and looks like this: