Fire Maker, Rain Bringer

really slick shirt
im trying not to buy it, but i have a good feeling my trigger finger will slip and hit YES YES YESSSS!!! :wink:

nice design

An absolutely well-deserved win! Congratulations, Spiritgreen! -:smiley:

Yay! Congrats Spiritgreen! and well deserved! :slight_smile:

Congrats Spiritgreen! So glad this printed and can’t wait to see it in person!

First thing I thought of when I saw this is “warm air rises, cold air sinks.” Was that intentional, or just a happy coincidence? My college oceanography instructor would approve of this shirt.

I know how you feel. Many times a shirt I voted for wins when I’m broke. But this time I got lucky! (Now I need to do a dance for coffee money.)

Unless you’re wearing it.

Shut the ffffront door! :smiley:

What a surprise, seriously. Thanks for the wonderful comments.

The Duelling Dragons is a great coaster! It’s been a while since I rode it but I think that memory crept out in this Quetzalcoatl design. Haha.

@Purplefeather, yes it was intentional to have the fire rising and the rain falling. It only seems appropriate, right? :^)

Shades of Gilgamesh?

Great write up Woot, I laughed the whole time I read it!
I wanted 4 out of the top 9 and so far I am 2 for 2. Love this shirt!

cool! I like that it’s off center. Gonna have to start having my paycheck’s deposited into shirt.woot account. My wife and I are hooked.

Awesome design, but would be much stronger on a Tan shirt than Asphalt…

Looks ‘right aligned’ in the pic.

Hideous design and it makes me want to poke my eyes out with a spork!

Ok, not really. I just wanted to be the first hater. Toodles!

Haters always hatin…or at least standing in line first…to hate…

I love it when textures are able to pull off a feat that I didn’t expect in a screen-printed design. Well done, Spiritgreen!

Congrats Spirit!:slight_smile:

Great shirt!!!
Awesome concept, and <3 the off center print.

I wish it was available in LONG SLEEVE.
(I’d buy a lot more shirts if that was a possibility. /hint)

Ooo I love this one! Maybe by wearing this, the drought here in Texas will go away.

Love the off center alignment as well!

Ditto! I’d love some long-sleeved woot shirts! (but not to wear now in the summer…)