Fire Pit Fire Glass

Wondering if anyone has ever tried this with a Big Red (camping) propane firepit? We use that when RVing and thought this would be the talk of the campground but wondering how well it works in that kind of firepit.

Is it safe to cook on to roast hot dogs , kabobs and marshmallows over it?

Anyone know how much volume 10lb of this stuff will fill? Weight isn’t that useful for planning how much I need…

enter the dimensions of the space you would like to fill and then multiply the result by 1.2

This should not be an issue~ The Fire Glass will work in any Fire Pit~

Other than making a mess of your glass, this is fine~

I am still not clear on this. Should I be measuring cubic inches and multiplying by 1.2 to get the number of pounds I need? Or is it cubic feet x 1.2 = 10lb bags? Units please!

The volume of 10lbs of 1/3" recycled glass bits is roughly equivalent to a 1 gallon milk jug.

To replace a small ceramic log set in a 17"x15" fireplace with 4" depth to cover all the pipes, I needed 60 lbs. of glass.

Thank you!!!

For the record this means 10lb = 231 cubic inches, although your project gives a ratio of 17 cu in/lb (10lb = 170 cu in) which i am sure is because of all the space taken by the piping and such.

BTW, I bought my fire glass “on sale” a $39.95 for 10 lbs. It’s beautiful, but glass is glass. I’d love it more if I had paid the Woot price.

And I would love it more if Woot let me buy more than 30 lbs of it for my project that will require 50 lb (18" diameter 4" deep). Probably going to skip this for that exact reason as I would like it all to match. Thank you for your input though!

Perhaps you could get your friend, SchmuggyBear2310, to make a purchase with his different credit card.

I used a similar product to convert my inside gas fireplace. I found that you could put a layer of cheap lava rocks down first as a filler and then cover that with the glass - saved me a ton of money to do that.

How do you put the fire out? :slight_smile:

I don’t see the point the exact same glasses on Amazon for the exact same price including shipping if your prime member

can I use with my ceramic logs in gas fireplace?

I would recommend checking your fire place 1st. I wanted to do this and after I purchased my glass I figured out the logs were bolted into the fire place and not easily removed. I ended up spreading my glass under them

this is a really good price I paid $50 at lowes for 10lbs of glass.

Shopping around, this looks like a great deal. I wish they were of the smaller variety. At 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter, these are larger than standard glass pieces.