Fire Roasted Salsa 16oz

I’m sorry… a single dollar off of list price? Really?

Anyone tried this stuff ?

seriously, W T F?!

I got is last time. It’s decent…all around. Not super spicy, not super smokey, not super chunky. A moderate amount of all of these. Handy in a squeeze bottle, though. In my opinion, if you’ve already bought something today and so you needn’t pay for shipping, this salsa is worth it. But if it’s gonna cost ya an extra five bucks, I’d definitely pass.

Sooooo…where is it made? Is it from “New York City”?

Yeah, Woot! should have fabricated a list price, say $85.00, to make it seem like a much better deal. 94% off, buy now!

It’s not like it’s an expensive gourmet product. It’s a grocery store item, so think of it as if you had a $1 off coupon.

If you haven’t unlocked free shipping then it’s a crummy deal, but if you have…

That is exactly what I was thinking!! What a bargain.

The company is based in Salado, Texas, but I don’t know if that’s where it’s manufactured.


what the crap?!! You know how much it costs to make 16oz of salsa?

Sorry for the late response… was about to throw out – from the back label –

The people who buy this must be those people who think they must buy this because they have free shipping and need to put it to use. I always look for cheap stuff to waste money on just because it ships for free…

True dat.
That’s why I bought it last time. Wasn’t disappointed. Did NOT get more this time, even though “free shipping has been unlocked” here…