Fire Sale!

Or you could just use a cigarette lighter.

But the hotdog gets all mashed into the top.

Good price and great reviews on Amazon. Amazon has them for almost double.

The Swedish Firesteel 2.0 is awesome. I keep one with me anytime I am outdoors and couldn’t recommend it more. It is easy to use and works even if it is wet. Also, the whistle built in is a nice touch.

First - the fire kits are nice. Very handy. Good for throwing in the backpack for hiking out, or just keeping in the car camping kit.

Second - this isn’t an absolutely amazing deal. LeftLane Sports regularly carries these for just a few bucks more. Plus, if you use the LeftLane app on your phone, you get free shipping, so in that case it’s actually cheaper if you’re just getting 1 of them. Otherwise, it’s a good deal for a 2-fer or 3-fer deal.

At LeftLane (which is a great site, sort of like a Woot for the outdoors):

Most people do. There are a variety of fire starting methods. However, you usually have a backup (this can be your primary) in case the cig lighter or matches or fire piston fails to work. This is the backup.

For example, some cig lighters don’t work well at high elevation. Or you find your cig lighter just leaked. This will still get you through. Certain situations in the backcountry, you don’t want to be without fire, for warmth or for food.

How does the “tinder on a rope” work?

Do you whittle bits off it? The resin is that good?!

onto your ignition target!!!

Ummm… yup. That’s right, you just whittle your bits off.

Actually I have no idea, but had the same question.

Description at the Mother Ship says “Simply carve off some shavings as needed to light your fire.”

Found a video that might help:


There are others on YouTube as well but this was the shortest I found.

Just for people comparing - the Light My Fire is the smaller “scout” version hence the 3,000 strikes. (Still many, many uses!) Just wanted to make sure people realized that’s the smaller version and not the “Army” size. Amazon has a video of it’s uses, and shows a size comparison.