Fire Sense Charcoal Grill, Stainless

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Fire Sense Charcoal Grill, Stainless
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Time to check out the product page and let’s learn all about firesense

note that this is 13" when assembled which may be a little low for some.

and remember, safety first!

Six pics, but not one showing burning charcoal or something cooking? However, it does look lovely folded up. Wonder what it looks like folded up after grilling several meals?

Some Amazon users have noted it’s hidden feature as a razor blade

Thanks for the heads up.

IMO, though not as portable, you’re better off going with the tried and true Weber Smokey Joe Silver or Gold for a few more bucks.

Outside of the bloodletting feature, did anyone look at the bottom of this thing?

Ashes and small LIT coals can fall right out. The mess is one thing, but what about the fire hazard?

I’ll be using my small Webers.


I used a similar one before but made of just painted steel, bought from OSH.

It warped and the painted started peeled off not long after starting the BBQ. It survived till the end but obviously it was junk after.

I’m not sure how stronger the stainless steel one is but at least there is no paint will come off :slight_smile: and might be it’s manufacturer totally different factory.

I do like it folds flat which is easy to pack in tight space, and that was the reason I bought it.

Actually there is a video at the manufacturer’s web site of an earlier version of this very same grill in use. This version was made of painted steel and the surface probably didn’t last too long. (Maybe this is why they changed over to stainless steel) Nevertheless, it looked large enough to feed a small group in the parking lot before the ball game.

Unfortunately, this grill is clearly missing one very important feature to qualify as a grill to take to the beach or to a football stadium parking lot…NO COVER! With the wind during a fall or winter football game or the sea breeze at the beach, your hamburgers many never cook.

At this price, you could buy a second one and invert it on the first as a fire shield.

I like the looks of this grill!! and I DO know of people who are charcoal purists.

Might be a great gift, too!

At least you’ll have sandburgers.

But seriously, do the coals just sit in the bottom? Or is there a tray/grate that the charcoal sits on? Can’t really see down into it too well in any of the pics.

look at reviews on amazon and the quality seems to be lacking all around. They said that the material is much lighter in the stainless model vs the painted model, that these are so thin they are being delivered bent and damaged just from shipping. Not to mention lots of comments on using this instead of a knife for cutting people up :slight_smile:

Dear Wooters,

Do you think I can burn a Duraflame fire log in it?


There is a grate provided, which unfolds for the hot charcoal to burn on. It’s very thin stuff, so I would say that the grate is inadequate.

This looks perfect for the beach! Load everything in the beach cart (or carry all of it) and head down to the perfect spot in the freshly cleaned and firm sand left after the high tide prepared your lunch/dinner table. Lay the blanket (I use a new movers packing pad) down and fire up the grill. If it is windy, lay the beach umbrella down for a wind stop. Better is to have 2 plastic sand spikes. Sink both spikes in the sand on the windward side of the grill and place an umbrella, PVC, broom handle, etc. in each spike. Then attach (use clips, clamps, plastic zip-ties, wire, etc.) a beach towel to each vertical rod that you placed in each spike. Please note,placing the largest person in your group on the windward side of the BBQ will work well too. You now put the wind on hold to use what looks like the perfect beach BBQ! Your other issue of “no cover” is unfounded. Do you not own an umbrella? That’s all part of the fun. Nothing better than standing over the bbq with an umbrella, smoke circling under the umbrella so that your face is engulfed with smoke as you cough while guarding the hamburgers, hotdogs and steaks. Reality is, this looks pretty darn dear perfect for tail gating or the beach! I’m in!!

Unfortunately, this grill is clearly missing one very important feature to qualify as a grill to take to the beach or to a football stadium parking lot…NO COVER! With the wind during a fall or winter football game or the sea breeze at the beach, your hamburgers many never cook.

This doubles as a weapon? Maybe I will buy a few. :slight_smile:

I’ve got the painted version of this sucker at home and… it’s OK. Getting it setup is a bit of a pain becuase it doesn’t hold its shape very well unless the top grill is in place and then, once you’re done, folding it back up is a bit of a pain because the heat warps the metal. I don’t use it as a grill so much as a mini-firepit when I’m out camping or hiking. It’s a good size to hold a small log or 2-3 chopped log wedges.

As far as ashes, etc falling out the bottom: there’s a second grate that goes across the bottom right around the short end of the trapezoid on the side and the bottom of the grill folds up snug; you really have to worry more about the wind blowing things out sideways than you do about ash falling under.

Pros: Portable, light
Cons: Doesn’t fold as well as advertised.


Tell you what, when you go to the beach with this grill, I’ll be there right next to you with my trusty, small Weber, WHICH HAS A COVER! If anyone else is watching, you will know me because I’ll be the guy eating my hamburgers long before your sandburgers are even near cooked.